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Card Authentication Package

Card-based User Authentication and Permissions Management
The Card Authentication Package improves security while making it easier and faster for users to authenticate and access networked Multifunction Products (MFPs). Issued cards can manage user privileges, such as restricting the use of color, regulate scanning and provide users with secure printing of confidential documents. Card Authentication Package
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About the Card Authentication Package

  • The Card Authentication Package provides an automated process for authenticating a user for access to MFP features and functionality, leveraging standard card reader technology. Installations with greater than about 500 users also require the Card Authentication Server software.

Major Applications

  • MFP Access Control to eliminate unauthorized usage
  • Security of information assets
  • Reduce everyday operating costs
  • Improved business processes and user efficiency


  • Reduces output costs, for example by restricting the use of color only to authorized card holders
  • Improves security and workflow efficiency with scanning processes based on card credentials (when used with GlobalScan NX)
  • Protects confidential documents using card access to release documents for printing when sent to shared MFPs (when used with Enhanced Locked Print NX)
  • Establishes accountability through cost tracking tied to the identity of individual users (when used with Smart Accounting)

Using Card Authentication Package

  • Simple card validation (compares card information with registered users)
  • Users can authenticate at an MFP using the same card issued to access buildings (such as an employee ID badge), so users don't have to remember an additional login and password
  • Once authenticated, holders of a valid card can perform copy, scan, fax, and/or use document server functions according to their assigned permissions
  • Document release by card authentication solves the problem of documents being taken by mistake by other users printing to the same central machine (when used with Enhanced Locked Print NX)
  • Card credentials also control access to the scanning and routing features of GlobalScan NX

Implementing this Solution

  • Utilizes existing Windows network log-in infrastructure
  • Basic, Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, and NTLM authentication supported
  • Wide range of proximity cards supported including: HID, CASI-Rusco, and NxtWtch
  • Web-based administration makes it easy to set user privileges including creating user Groups
  • Administrators can access job logs by user (using Web SmartDeviceMonitor)

Complementary Products

  • Enhanced Locked Print NX
  • GlobalScan NX
  • Smart Accounting

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