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Equitrac Professional

Realize Your Full Cost Recovery Potential
Equitrac Professional — the newest, most advanced version yet of Equitrac’s industry leading cost-recovery solution — includes the systems and services it takes to speed your discovery and recovery of billable expenses. Equitrac Professional
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About Equitrac Professional

  • Easy, accurate and automatic cost recovery. With Equitrac Professional, complete and accurate charging of expenses to clients and projects becomes virtually automatic
  • Active integration with billing and accounting systems speeds and simplifies recovery of client charges
  • Increased security, confidentiality and compliance. Equitrac Follow-You™ printing with Secure Document Release helps protect client confidentiality and satisfy regulatory privacy requirements. Instead of sitting exposed and unclaimed in remote output trays documents are routed through a secure server and only released when users authenticate themselves at the printer.
  • Equitrac Professional centralizes equipment administration and control, improving service levels, minimizing IT resource requirements and reducing demand on help desks.


  • Tracks and recovers costs to your specs, including by the page or square foot.
  • Enhances client privacy and regulatory compliance.
  • Reveals per-page cost differences among devices.
  • Provides Follow-You™ printing convenience.
  • Fully standards-based and Macintosh compatible.
  • Tracks directly from leading plot development software.
  • Supports multiple charge schedules for different clients and print features.
  • CostDiscovery consulting from the world’s largest team of cost recovery experts.

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