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DirectSmile add emotions to your promotional mailings
Combine variable data printing (VDP) with image personalization for eye-catching one-to-one communications. DirectSmile
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  • Add the emotional power of personalization to all your designs. DirectSmile, the world´s leading software for image personalization opens up a true new communication universe. With perfectly natural integration of variable text in high quality photo designs you are ready to create the print products that amaze customers and boost response rates.
  • Create impositions, handle printing jobs with ease, get previews with original data at any time. Many DirectSmile products come with our document solution for Adobe InDesign® that helps you realize your personalization tasks with simple and cost- effective workflows. Simply place your personalized images in InDesign® documents and vary any text or image in your document according to rules.


  • Unique design tool, create all images yourself!
  • VDP document solution included.
  • Full scalability, adapt your system to any production need.
  • Use all output options, produce e-mails, personal websites, MMS, integrate with all other VDP systems.
  • Create personalized pictures in 5 minutes with the Designer!
  • Build fonts from any visual element. Easy to create and almost unlimited creative possibilities: Draw letters with Clips – that means with any small picture element. Use flowers, cookies, birds, footprints or money for writing. Build your own fonts with our editor and manage all Clips easily in your software.
  • PDF preview at any time. Create a PDF for preview at any time with the original data and all personalized elements, for example for customer approval or for discussing with the creative team.

Business Applications

  • Promotional Mailings
  • Marketing Applications
  • Integrate with all other VDP systems
  • Write with all letters from all languages that are supported by Microsoft
  • Personalized Websites
  • Flyers
  • Certificates
  • Letters and more…

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