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Device Manager NX Pro

Printer Monitoring & Management
If you’re in charge of a dispersed fleet, you’re probably familiar with the challenge of keeping your equipment up and running in one location - much less in multiple locations or spread across multiple IP segments on your network. Like most of the workforce today, you need to make decisions no matter where you are or where your fleet may be. Now you can remotely monitor and manage your entire fleet with Device Manager NX Pro. Once installed and configured, the software discovers the devices in your network and automatically collects performance data. You can access real-time device status and reporting from a mobile device, ensuring you have the information you need when you need it – we call that Information Mobility. Device Manager NX Pro
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About Device Manager NX Pro

  • Automate your remote device management functions, such as batch configuration and device monitoring, and get pre-formatted reports containing fleet-wide data
  • Monitor and manage up to 5,000 devices connected to a single server
  • Stay informed about your fleet with mobile access to device status and reports; understand usage trends through the job and access logs collected automatically from your devices
  • Offer basic print driver distribution through the Device Manager NX Pro or by using the compatible Device Manager NX Advanced Driver Distribution License option to offer an even easier user experience to access the required printer drivers
  • Enable devices to communicate directly with Service Providers so issues can be addressed quickly and proactively – using the Ricoh @Remote Connector NX option


  • Get accurate and timely status updates and reports for your entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer
  • Automate alerts for consumables so supplies can be replaced before they run out
  • Learn about issues before they cause downtime with enhanced error polling
  • Reduce your administrative burden and shorten response times with real-time notifications and email alerts about service events
  • Eliminate the need to combine regional data by hand with automatically generated reports

Major Applications

  • Manage mid- to large-size print fleets (up to 5,000 devices) from a central location
  • Maximize fleet performance by addressing service issues and supply levels before they cause downtime
  • Perform remote fleet updates, configuration and maintenance from any location

Using the Ricoh @Remote Connector NX option

  • Ricoh @Remote Connector NX collects and makes device meters available to your Service Provider on a pre-defined schedule
  • To keep your fleet performing, your Service Provider can also schedule remote firmware updates through the Connector
  • The Connector can communicate critical and soon-to-be critical service alerts, as well as notifications of low consumables levels directly to your Service Provider

Using Device Manager NX

  • Manage remote administration/configuration of devices anywhere using a web browser
  • Access real-time device status (based on the programmed polling cycle) from your tablet or laptop and even some smartphones, so you’ll always know what’s happening from wherever you are
  • Collect detailed meter data, even distinguishing between color vs. black & white counters, for Ricoh and other manufacturers’ devices – including local USB-connected devices*
  • Keep configured devices in alignment with company standards using the Audit function
  • 'Clone' settings from one device to similar devices using templates
  • Map printers and MFPs onto a floor plan; colored icons give you a visual device status
  • Learn about fleet usage data from an environmental point of view with Ecology Reports
  • Monitor DataOverwriteSecurity Solution (DOSS) settings from a central location
  • Expedite searches using custom filters and group lists to quickly navigate to a specific device and its properties
  • Customize and package Ricoh printer drivers with compatible Printer Driver Packager NX, a free downloadable tool that lets you work with multiple Ricoh drivers at once
  • Make working with driver packages easier for you and your users with the Device Manager NX Advanced Driver Distribution License option; users can download driver packages directly from Device Manager NX


  • Support up to 5,000 networked devices connected to one server
  • Edit address books via batch operation; monitor registered devices to maintain user info
  • Discover and group networked devices automatically by: host name, IP address, and vendor / model
  • Install on a Windows server to monitor Windows environments

Complementary Products

  • Printer Driver Packager NX
  • Ricoh @Remote Connector NX
  • Device Manager NX Advanced Driver Distribution License
  • DataOverwriteSecurity Solution (DOSS)

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