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Streamline NX

One integrated application for better document processes
Streamline NX is an integrated “all-in-one” solution designed to improve the experience for users while lowering the burden on IT. Users see one unified interface at the MFP to scan documents and use secure printing. Administrators can configure Streamline NX, manage users and devices, and access reports all within a single application. Streamline NX
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Support & Services

About Streamline NX

  • Ideal for organizations seeking an "all-in-one" integrated application to improve document processes
  • Solution Includes:
    • Document Scanning & Routing with OCR
    • Fax Integration
    • Secure Printing
    • Card Authentication
    • Device Management
    • Accounting & Charge-back
    • Administration
    • Reporting
  • Higher authentication level with support for PKI
  • Authentication with a secondary PIN /pass-code for enhanced security environments


  • Better efficiency of business operations through the use of electronic documents
  • Simple software operation - single user interface and single admin application
  • Integrated solution reduces training and application testing by IT departments
  • Ability to protect sensitive information in line with company security policies
  • Enables mobile printing with output tracking for cost control and charge-back

Major Applications

  • Paper to electronic document conversion
  • Business process control & workflow improvement
  • Information security and compliance
  • Reduce everyday operating costs

Using Streamline NX

  • No need to switch between applications – perform any of the user functions within one integrated interface at the MFP
  • Scan and route documents to email, home and network folders, ECM, FAX, FTP, and directly into other systems
  • IT administrators can perform comprehensive device monitoring, batch configuration, remote fleet management & firmware upgrades
  • Administrators can configure settings to enforce policies, manage quotas, establish chargebacks, and generate reports
  • Secure Print Option – enables follow me style printing and tracks output by mobile users and guests
  • Scanning Option – gives you powerful OCR, flexible file routing, the ability to track scan and fax activity for charge-back, and expanded functionality via plug-ins

Implementing this Solution

  • Native support for Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 Standard / Datacenter Edition (64-bit)
  • Virtual server support
  • Load-balancing and failover
  • Multi-domain support
  • Helpdesk integration (Remedy) with ticketing/error messages displayed on MFP
  • Manage user authentication by card, network login, PIN, or guest accounts
  • Citrix Support for XenDesktop 7.0 App/Enterprise/Platinum, XenApp 6.5 Enterprise/Platinum
  • Optional Print Release Station extends Streamline NX to devices that do not support the embedded software
  • Optional integration with Microsoft SharePoint, RightFax, DocumentMall and FileNET (requires plug-ins)
  • Optional linear and 2D barcode support (requires plug-in)
  • Optional Zonal OCR plug-in captures specific data from forms and imports it into your accounting system
  • Optional HotFolder (requires plug-in)
  • Scan-to-print and Image Clean-up (requires FREE plug-ins)


  • Image Enhancement Plug-in (Optional) – Image processes that can be performed include: hole punch removal, deskew and despekle of scanned documents
  • "HotFolder" Plug-in (Optional) - Lets administrators specify a folder to monitor. Files deposited into the folder are automatically imported by GlobalScan NX and delivered according to rules specified by the administrator
  • RightFAX Plug-in (Optional) - Enables the sending of documents from GlobalScan NX to a RightFAX address via the RightFAX server - all directly from the MFP control panel. Provides scanned document distribution by fax without the need for a fax-enabled MFP
  • SharePoint Plug-in (Optional) - Allows GlobalScan Server 750 to scan documents into Microsoft SharePoint including automatic generation of folders and associated document information
  • Barcode Plug-in (Optional) - Gives GlobalScan Server 750 the ability to read barcodes in a document, route the document based on this data and extract document description information for processing. Linear and 2D barcodes supported.
  • DocumentMall™ Plug-in (Optional) - Scanned documents can be routed into a DocumentMall online storage account. GlobalScan NX Server 750 automatically delivers the document with its metadata and generates a DocumentMall folder.
  • Zonal OCR Plug-in (Optional) - The Zonal OCR Plug-in will support up to 100 registerable forms and up to 5 zonal OCR areas. The Zonal OCR Plug-in includes the zone form setting tool and filter which is used in specific configurations such as selection of the preset form, target job section and error handling. The Hotfolder Zone OCR Plug-in allows for forms processing from non-Ricoh MFPs or scanners using rules applied to the folder for specific document types. For improved results use the Free Image correction plug-in.
  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Plug-in (Optional) — Enables EMC Documentum, IBM FileNET & OpenText Content Manager users to scan, index, and store information from hardcopy documents using their Ricoh MFP. Save time and effort by easily converting paper-based information into digital documents. Keep pace with e-business processes with dynamic bi-directional communications provided to extend your desktop.
  • PDF Stamper plug-in (Optional) — Provides organizations with a simple way to refer to and track individual pages of documents by number rather than name. Includes the Bates Stamps & Watermarking service. With the PDF Stamper option, hard copy documents are quickly converted into digital files with a unique Bates Number. Scanned documents can then be emailed or stored in the company's document management system.
  • SharePoint Plug-in (Optional) — Allows you to scan documents into Microsoft SharePoint. Includes automatic generation of folders and associated document information and ability to scan to personal sites.

Complementary Products

  • HotSpot Enterprise
  • Streamline NX Plug-ins for RightFax Server, Microsoft SharePoint, FileNet, and MS Exchange
  • Print Release Station Option

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