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Unified Communication System Apps

Come Face to Face with Convenient, Mobile Communications
See what you’ve been missing. RICOH's Unified Communication System (UCS) Apps let users experience crisp, clear visual collaboration with a wide range of audiences from a personal computer (Mac® or Windows®), Apple® iPad® or iPhone®. These innovative solutions complement the RICOH Unified Communication System P3000 and integrate real-time video, audio and document files so participants can join the conversation from a personal computer or Apple® iPad®. Choose these mobile communications and sharing solutions to empower employees, while helping to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Unified Communication System Apps

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About UCS Apps

  • Seeing is believing - visual collaboration allows for more compelling discussions. Whether your office needs to share critical information with a deployed sales team, offer instructions to the factory floor or exchange ideas with a distant client, the easy-to-use RICOH UCS Apps let users in multiple locations see one another and share data*, audio and visuals in real time. Simply apply the tools you're already using to connect quickly and effectively.
    *iPhone/iPad users can see shared files, but cannot initiate a share.


  • Experience real savings in real time
  • Accommodate unique demands of rapidly growing mobile workforce without taxing IT resources or budget
  • Anyone with the RICOH UCS Apps and a paid subscription can connect to Ricoh’s powerful, intuitive videoconferencing and data sharing system—without purchasing special equipment or hardware
  • Participating in conferences, training sessions and meetings is as easy as making a phone call, with the visual impact of being in the room
  • Allows users to stay productive wherever they are without incurring unnecessary travel costs
  • All video and data is encrypted to help ensure every participant can share freely without compromising the integrity of confidential information

Using UCS Apps

  • Discover the freedom of mobile communications
  • The RICOH UCS Apps work seamlessly with the RICOH UCS P3000
  • Users log in online and join a meeting anywhere in the world within seconds
  • Resolution and frame rates automatically controlled based on network load status for smoother video without jitters or lagging

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End User Limited Warranty

  • Ricoh Americas Corporation ("Ricoh") warrants that this ...more

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