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PJ WX3340N

PJ WX3340N
See how compelling business presentations can be with the Ricoh PJ WX3340N Desk Edge projection system. Take advantage of revolutionary lens technology, advanced connectivity options and quiet, efficient operation for impressive, high-definition projection in conference and training rooms. The innovative Desk Edge Series is designed with forward-facing exhaust and easy-to-reach controls, so it can sit on a table’s edge without distracting the audience. Use it as a standalone projection system or as part of an integrated Ricoh Managed Document Services (MDS) strategy and streamline efficiencies for your entire fleet of business communication devices.

PJ WX3340N

Available Media

Support & Services

General Features

  • Begin presentations quickly and manage them effortlessly: Images are displayed within seconds and the projection system shuts down immediately without residual noise.
  • The PJ WX3340N self-balances to maximize focus and minimize distortion automatically – even when projecting in tight spaces or at sharp angles.
  • Employs an Auto Focus feature that automatically adjusts the focus for a sharp image when the projector is first turned on or moved.
  • Take advantage of one-touch operation to key functions using the intuitive controls on the top of the system or with the durable remote control.
  • When projecting on to color surfaces, Wall Color Mode offers subtle color enhancements automatically to improve image clarity.
  • This business projection system offers 3000 lumens brightness rating with 5000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional color differentiation and video quality.
  • Includes an HDMI port for compatibility with DVD and Blu-ray players, so users can enjoy presentations in high-definition or 3D format with up to WXGA (1280 x 800 dpi) native resolution.
  • A powerful 10-watt, built-in speaker provides impressive, booming audio in large corporate or classroom settings — eliminating the need for external speakers and increasing portability.

Mobile Features

  • The compact, lightweight projection system — about the same footprint as a letter-sized piece of paper — can display from any tabletop or easily mount to a wall or ceiling.
  • Cutting-edge, ultra-high definition lens technology enables shorter-throw projection, so users can project larger screen sizes in smaller rooms, minimize light loss and reduce glare or shadows right from a table’s edge.
  • Front-facing exhaust and connections ensure the audience focuses on the projected message on the wall, not the device on the table.
  • Plus, Auto Brightness control simplifies set up and helps to maximize lamp life by sensing the amount of light in a room and adjusting the brightness to deliver the best image quality.
  • With the Presentation Timer feature, users can rehearse their presentation to ensure meetings stay on schedule.

Network Features

  • Turn ordinary whiteboards and wall surfaces into interactive displays with the optional eBeam® technology from Luidia® for more engaging meetings and brainstorming sessions.¹
  • Users can project any networked Mac or PC from the projected surface and transform conventional screens into smartboards. USB-compliant devices let you deliver computer-free presentations and the multi-screen mode allows users in up to four different rooms, with four different projectors, to view the same presentation seamlessly.¹
  • For a LAN connection, choose one of the networked projection systems to eliminate the need for input source devices. Having wireless network functionality enables access to the network for presentation purposes without having to connect to the projection system, reducing table clutter and simplifying set up.¹
  • With QuickProjection, users can easily identify all available networked projectors. A simple one-time installation using the Network Utility (included on the CD-ROM) provides fast access to all networked projectors.¹

Environmental Features

  • Designed specifically to leave an impression with audiences — without impacting the environment or your budget. It operates quietly, with a noise level below 38 dB, which can be reduced to 32 dB in Eco Mode.
  • With Eco Mode, users can also specify power settings and lamp brightness extending the life of the lamp. DLP technology requires minimal heat and uses a high-pressure 3,500-hour mercury lamp to produce reliable performance in any light with minimal maintenance.
  • In addition, the PJ WX3340N supports PJLink and Ricoh @Remote service, so administrators can remotely power the unit on or off, configure settings with ease from any location and generate status and error reporting to ensure optimal efficiency and enhance projector life.

End User Limited Warranty

  • Ricoh Americas Corporation ("Ricoh") warrants that this ...more

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